JCB Power Products offer a range of diesel generators in India. Offering generators from 8kVA to 3300 kVA worldwide, JCB generators are designed to suit any application from back-up support to industries from small, medium & large; infrastructures, BFSI (Banks, Financial Services, Insurance), Real Estate, Residential & Commercial properties, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Petrol Pumps, Airports, Construction sites or off-grid locations.

Designed with the highest level of safety & security, JCB generators come with JCB ecoMAX engine and the highest quality components, alternator, controller and breakers with the largest, world-class dealer network. JCB Generators are compact in size and provide you the best-in-class performance for all your power needs with a single-window product support.


JCB India started operations in 1979 and has five operational world-class manufacturing facilities: one in Ballabhgarh, two in Pune & two in Jaipur. JCB India manufactures backhoe loaders, tracked excavators, compactors, wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers, skid steer loaders & pick and carry cranes. Now JCB India has also started manufacturing generators at its Ballabgarh plant.

JCB Worldwide provides power solutions with a wide range of generators from 8kvA to 3300kVA. To start with, JCB India has started offering a range of generators from 63kVA to 100kVA powered by JCB ecoMAX engine, equipped with single window support.

In just 67 years, JCB has reached the status of being the world’s leading brand in construction & earthmoving industry with a 10,000 strong worldwide JCB family at 22 plants across the globe. Despite our considerable achievements, we at JCB believe in looking ahead to further our development and innovation, and attain unprecedented level of success.

JCB Dieselmax - Record Breaker

“A triumph for British engineering excellence and teamwork.” That was JCB Chairman Lord Bamford’s conclusion after JCB Dieselmax achieved a stunning 350.092mph (563.418kph) land speed record for diesel-powered cars.

The record attempt was initiated by Lord Bamford to showcase the extreme performance capability of the JCB engine which normally powers off-highway equipment for construction, agricultural, industrial and power generation applications.

The record-breaking JCB444-LSR engine displaces 5-litres, weighs 382kg (dry), and produces 750bhp at 3,800rpm and in excess of 1,500Nm of torque at 2,500 rpm. Two engines were used to set the new record at Bonneville Salt Flats USA in August 2006, with a total power output of 1,500bhp. Yet despite having twice the power and more than four times the weight of an F1 car, DIESELMAX had only half the fuel consumption.

The development of the engine has resulted in considerable engineering learning that will influence JCB’s future product strategy and ensure that JCB engines remain at the forefront of technology and performance.

Global perspective

JCB Power Products offers an extensive range of high specification generators to meet customer requirements for any power application globally.

JCB generators are designed to meet the needs of a very demanding worldwide market for both prime and standby power applications. With sales into residential, rental, construction, quarrying and mining industries, agricultural sectors and for use as back-up power supply for commercial applications such as hospitals, offices and data centres.

As you would expect from JCB, the build quality is superb with each product boasting the highest quality components. Backing everything up is our world-renowned customer service network – the customer really is the focus of everything we do. So you can trust JCB to be there for you, wherever on Earth you may be.


We are dedicated to providing quality products and support which meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers. Power products and quality requirements are defined by its customers’ needs and expectations. JCB works closely with its customers to understand their businesses and expectations of the products they use. Such a close working relationship in turn enables JCB to better meet its customers’ expectations and anticipate and meet their future needs.

JCB Power Products has a policy of continuous improvement and has built on its quality system processes and tools to ensure that continuous improvement is a way of life throughout the organization.

JCB ecoMAX engine compliance to the latest CPCB II mass emission norms.

JCB Gensets complies to CPCB noise norms

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